Norcia PGI Ham


The heart of Fedeli excellence

Our flagship, the Norcia PGI ham, is the result of a careful selection of meat and is born, exclusively and exclusively, by certified Italian pigs, which correspond not only to the specification of the IGP production, but also to that of the most stringent DOP.

Each leg destined to become a Norcia PGI Fedeli, is equipped with the recognition tattoo of the farms that adhere to Consortia to protect the denomination of origin of the hams, which certifies the birthplace of the pig.


The semi-wild breeding, combined with the diet that our pigs follow, increases their organoleptic properties, giving the fat of the ham a rosy color and a remarkable melt in the mouth, thus making it a unique flavor product.

Our Prosciutto di Norcia IGP is totally natural, in fact during the whole production cycle no type of preservative or colorant is used; moreover, during the salting phase, a quantity of perfectly calibrated sea salt is used, in order to obtain a balanced and unsalted ham.

the secret of a unique

Our hams are matured at 1000 meters above sea level, in the cellars of the historic ham factory of Todiano, of which the Fedeli family is a member.

A Norcia IGP Fedeli becomes such only after a minimum maturing period of 18 months, certified in focus behind each ham and after passing the tapping test.

The maximum expression of our work and our experience is reached with the Norcia IGP Fedeli 24 months, a limited production capable of maximizing the qualities and aromas of the product.