Our excellence


Only the best, just for you

Food products of the highest quality, which tell our territories with their stories of flavors, aromas, colors and people.

It's what you find from us, thanks to the commitment that we put every day in producing and marketing only food excellences, to provide the best shops, the most careful to give the best to its customers.

Gastronomy, delicatessens, wine bars and high quality catering, always rely on us to stand out from the rest of the market.


Five product lines, a unique excellence

Our product lines reflect the history of the Fedeli family and the character of our Umbria, which boasts a long tradition: hams and salami, extra virgin olive oil, legumes, cheeses, truffles.

Naturally there is no shortage of excellences typical of other regions, which we carefully select to offer you a complete and valuable assortment.



Make the difference
with your customers

Choosing Eccellenze Alimentari Fedeli means offering exclusive products, enhanced by scrupulous craftsmanship. Choosing us means to trust with confidence the care we put in first hand in the selection of raw materials and finished products. The same care with which we customize your order to provide you with the products that best represent your brand. Accuracy and efficiency will also be found in the packaging and in the timely delivery of your order: all thanks to modern systems and the use of our own means and highly specialized transporters

Choosing Fedeli also means knowing that in your area only you can offer our assortment of value and distinguish yourself from other stores; above all, you will never find Fedeli Fine Food products in the large-scale retail trade.