Nero d’Aspromonte ham

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Nero d’Aspromonte is the native pig of the southern Calabrian Apennines, free to graze in the wild, for at least two years, in its habitat of origin, Aspromonte, where the nature of the woods is impervious and uncontaminated.
Its primordial morphology has remained unchanged to testify the purity of the breed: strong, rustic, powerful, with two pendulous appendages under the throat and, in the male specimen, a mane.
It feeds freely on acorns, chestnuts, roots, tubers, mushrooms and other fruits of the undergrowth.
Its meat has a deep red color, with a melting, almost transparent fat, with a content of oleic acids comparable to Iberian pigs.
An unforgettable taste experience.

  • Ageing: 36 months.
  • Ingredients: Pork, salt, pepper.